Going Postal 2017!

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We really enjoyed doing our "Going Postal" the last four years (and I think our subscribers enjoyed it too, judging from the response we had), its becoming a real tradition!

For a $350 subscription fee (plus shipping), you will receive something in the mail from us, once a month, for a year. The 12 objects will include original drawings, new posters we release (signed of course), prints, or a zine (if we can get it together to make one). We’ll also send you snail mail from our travels which might include: a touristy postcard, a vintage postcard, mixed CDs, special edition print run exclusively for our subscribers, zines, paper toys, or other envelope-sized random goodies we stumble upon.

Disclaimer: Due to the personalized nature of this body of art, we can only fill 30 orders at this time, thanks for understanding! The images above are a selection of things we sent out to our subscribers in 2012-2016.  Obviously we have no idea where all the coming year will take us visually, but as a subscriber you will be along for the ride!

p.s. While you might not actually receive them, we’ll also try to send you messages via balloons and bottles thrown into the sea. :D